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Co-Counsel Wisconsin May 7, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.
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Wisconsin really is a great place to live.  I’m biased of course:  golf courses, Wisconsin Dells, the Great Lakes, Door County and much, much more.  (If anyone reads this from the Visitors’ Bureau maybe I can get a hotel room for this ad?)

Anyway, since we are a summer vacation hot spot many out-of-towners travel to and through Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, these people get in car accidents, attacked by dogs, injured on other people’s property and other personal injuries. 

Remember if you are injured in Wisconsin and need to file a lawsuit you will need the assistance of a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney.  Attorneys from other states may be able to assist in pre-suit negotiations.  But, once a lawsuit is filed you’ll need someone who is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. 

Many times an out-of-towner may have already hired a lawyer whom they trust and want to continue to work with that attorney.  This is where co-counsel relationships apply.  I’ve worked with a number of Attorneys from other states in situations like this.  We can help out of state attorneys to appear in court even though they aren’t licensed in Wisconsin.  They still need a Wisconsin Attorney’s help to obtain what is called a Pro Hac Vice appearance. 

In any event, if you are not from Wisconsin but were injured in Wisconsin please make sure you get the assistance of of a serious injury attorney.  Feel free to give them my name if you need help navigating the courts in Wisconsin.  I’m at your service.