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Take Responsibility Dog Owners! November 6, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in Dog Attack Information.
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The Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter noted a frustrating story about a dog bite victim.  A Keil woman was attacked by a dog.  It appears that, at first, she didn’t realize that the dog broke her skin.  The dog’s owners left the scene and didn’t give any identifiable information.  Soon thereafter the victim noticed that the dog broke her skin.  She went to the hospital and was told that because no one knew whether the dogs were up on all of their shots she would have to undergo rabies vaccination shots. 

This is just another example of a victim of a dog bite having to undergo potentially unnecessary medical care.   The victim may have to worry about having rabies, the pain of the shots not to mention the time away from work and her family.   There isn’t an update so I don’t know whether they ever found the dog owners.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if the dog owner stuck around and gave the victim her information?  No matter how small the bite seems at first why not just exchange information?  If the dogs don’t have rabies then all this would not have to happen.


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