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Injured In A Collision? Who should you listen to? November 17, 2010

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.

I read the following blog post on Attorney Trey Mills’ site the other day and thought it made perfect sense.  His analogy of an injured party taking advice from an insurance adjuster to taking advice from an opposing team’s coach is right on.

Would Clay Matthews take advice from Brett Favre when they play next?  I don’t think so!

Attorney Mills states:

The game I refer to as the “Insurance Game” befuddles many but the dynamics are the same. You have one side playing offense and another side playing defense.  Why are you going to listen to a representative of an insurance company that eventually will have to pay you money based upon many factors but the largest factor being the amount of medical treatment and bills you have incurred since the negligent act that caused your injury?

Instead of seeking out a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney you will listen to the advice of the negligent party’s insurance company that is trying to minimize the amount of money paid out on your claim. Makes no sense. I don’t care that I am jaded by being a personal injury attorney but I follow my own advice when it comes to real estate closings, I know nothing about. I seek assistance from a real estate attorney. I don’t trust that the landowner I am purchasing from will take care of my best interest. I trust the attorney I am paying will protect my interest.


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