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Worst Milwaukee Mugshot, Period. On The Lighter Side For Monday November 15, 2010

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in Uncategorized.

Yes, it is Monday again.  Let’s start the week out with a little humor and a reminder that you don’t want to be on the “Smile!” side of a mugshot.  Here’s a mug shot of a Milwaukee man who had a bad day beginning October 21st.  Read more below.


Worst Milwaukee Wisconsin Mugshot
Something Else To Think About On Monday

According to the Daily Mail:

The toothless crook was escorted to the police station after going on a one man crime spree across the largest city in the US state of Wisconsin.

The serial petty criminal allegedly pushed someone to the ground, kicked a windscreen in and shouted obscenities at a supermarket, although when he lost his teeth exactly no one is quite sure.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1329396/Crook-Mark-Siebenmorgen-fills-gap-worst-mug-shot-ever.html#ixzz15MVgTd1D


I do think it is a little odd that there aren’t more stories with this mugshot in Wisconsin’s media markets.  Enjoy, and have a great, SAFE week!


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