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Wisconsin Bicycle Law – Right of Way May 25, 2010

Posted by Andrew Christman in FAQ Personal Injury, Personal Injury Law, Wisconsin Auto Accidents.

Wisconsin outlines it laws regarding the use of bicycles in Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 346, Rules of the Road.  Included in this chapter are rules regarding when cyclists have the right of way, and when they must yield the right of way to motorists and pedestrians. Right of way problems can often lead to a bike accident.  Wisconsin has set up these rules to help ensure that the streets are safe for bikes and to prevent bicycle accidents.

According to Wisconsin Statute 346.23, at an intersection that is controlled by a stop light, a car must give way to someone bike crossing at a crosswalk when the person on a bike has started to cross the street with a green light or a “walk” signal.  If however the person on a bike has not yet started to cross the intersection or if that person is not crossing with a green light or a “walk” signal, the person on a bike must yield to someone in a car.   According to 346.34, at an intersection that is not controlled by a stop light, someone in a car must give right of way to someone on a bike providing they are crossing at a marked crosswalk.  People on bikes must yield right of way to cars if they are attempting to cross a street at any point that is not designated as a crosswalk.

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