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Milwaukee’s Crumbling Concrete September 16, 2009

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in Personal Groth.
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This isn’t a personal injury matter but it sure caused damage to a bunch of people’s property across southeastern Wisconsin.  I watched TMJ4 tonight and caught their follow up on this story about crumbling concrete driveways.   It sounds like Meyer Concrete and/or Central Ready Mix had some problems with a great number of their concrete batches. 

What should consumers do about it?  Well, going to TMJ4 to get the word out is probably a wise choice.  Also, don’t forget about Wisconsin’s consumer protection laws

I’ll look into this some more and hopefully will have a follow up for anyone with questions about Milwaukee’s crumbling concrete problems.

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1. Sheri Tuhy - July 23, 2010

I’d love to know what’s happening with this. Tony Lalicata is stone walling us on a driveway he poured just 5 years ago. The entire driveway from road to garage is falling apart. I understand that it MAY not be his craftsmanship, but rather the material he received from Central, but why do I have to be the one that suffers this loss and expense. I didnt purchase the concrete from Central, I purchased the services of Tony Lalicata to pour me a $10,000 driveway. $10,000 driveways only last 5-6 years? Our home was one the last to be built and driveway poured in our subdivision. Lalicata poured other driveways in this subdivision, 2-4 years older than mine, and they look just fine. What happened here? I can not be responsible for this $10,000 screw-up.

Laura Burgardt - September 14, 2010

I am having the same exact problem with Garrett Contractors. We had our driveway poured in August 2008 and starting in January 2009, it started pitting and crumbling and we have one giant crack along the width of the driveway. We then started calling the company to complain and then they would not return our calls. So, the owner, Todd Garreett FINALLY came out last October and said that he didn’t know why this had happened but that they would repair it in the spring. On May 28, 2010, I called them again to get something set up but here it is September 14, 2010 and we still wait. Now, they are saying we used too much salt, which is not true because we used the type of salt they told us to for the winter. UGH!

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