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The Safe Cars of 2009 November 25, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.
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In short, don’t buy a Chrysler. 

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety released it’s safe cars list.   Ford (including its Volvo subsidiary) topped the list with 16 vehicles.  Honda came in second with 13 vehicles.

Why do I say don’t buy a Chrysler.  Well, Chrysler didn’t win any awards.  None.   

The story that I link to above states:

Seventy-two cars, trucks and SUVs received the top safety pick designation for the 2009 model year, more than double the number of vehicles in 2008 and three times the number in 2007.

“No matter what kind of vehicle buyers may be considering, now they can walk into just about any dealership and find one that affords the best overall protection in serious crashes,” said Institute president Adrian Lund.

But when it comes to Chrysler:

IIHSsaid Chrysler LLC was the only major automaker that did not receive a single award. They said Chrysler could have picked up five awards if the head restraints had been improved.

I may be a little biased against Chrysler.  My Dad owned a K car in the ’80s.  He didn’t like it.  I think he didn’t like it so much that I’ve been tainted. 

For full disclosure I own a Ford and Saab.


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1. Hemidakota - November 25, 2008

Ford is considered the number two worst built car in America. Number one is Chevy, #4 is toyota, and #5 is Honda. So much for research and acknowledging truth. Bias opinions is not welcome anywhere. If you like, you can subscribed to speculation, Consumer Report Magazine.

I can see why you are a lawyer. Didn’t do a complete research to see that both the 2009 Dodge Ram and Challenger won five-stars. I won’t go into the two of the minis won the same for 09.

Stick with law for your lack of auto knowledge is revealing.

jonpgroth - December 7, 2008

Thanks for the comment Hemi. I assume your email is Hemi because you are a Chrysler supporter. Take my post for what it was, just a few paragraphs with a link to the article. Read the article. If you are purchasing a car simply because of that study then don’t buy a Chrysler. Isn’t that what someone could pull from the article? It says Chrysler didn’t win any ‘awards’. FYI, I’m probably going to buy a Chrysler mini van soon. I happen to think Chryslers are safe enough to transport my wife and kids. Hope that makes you feel better!

Jon Groth

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