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Operating While Under the Influence Poll October 27, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in Drunk Driving.
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WordPress just made polls available on their blogging service.  So, let’s put it to good use. 


UPDATE: H/T Sean Sweeney.   The graphic from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states “Number of OWI arrests before it becomes a felony.”  I think Sean is right.  It should say “Number of OWI convictions.” Good catch Sean!

Thanks for your input!


1. Mike - October 27, 2008

Is there any connection between the number of DD accidents and harsher laws on DD?

2. Sean M. Sweeney - October 28, 2008

I realize it is just a poll, but I would think you actually mean how many DUI Convictions before it should be a Felony. People merely being arrested and not convicted should never influence their future rights. (Innocent until proven guilty)

Interesting poll, and I would love to hear if there is more data supporting a change like Mike requested.


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4. Mike - October 29, 2008

I wanted to follow up on my original post and question. Here’s a study I came across:


At times, this study triggers nasty flashbacks to high school statistics, but they do conclude that the data collected suggests an association between stronger state countermeasures and lower rates of self reported DD.

I haven’t followed up on any of the other studies metioned in this particular report, but I’d bet you’d find some pretty interesting info.

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