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Nursing Home Stars? June 19, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.
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It’s not a new reality show it is the Bush Administration’s proposal to rate nursing homes.  The AP reports that the Bush Administration would like to rate nursing homes with a “star system.”  It sounds like it is similar to hotel ratings.  The “best” nursing homes (or least worst nursing homes) will be given a 5 Star rating while the worst (really really bad) will get a 1 star rating.

I haven’t read if any nursing homes will get a 0 star rating.

I say “least worst” because later on in the article there is mention of how older nursing homes will be given until 2013 to install sprinkler systems.   If nursing homes don’t install sprinkler systems by 2013 then they will not be able to accept Medicare participants. 

Wow, don’t you think sprinkler systems are kind of important.  I’d think that would be a little more important than waiting 5 years down the road. 

Keep an eye out for this rating system. I think it is a move in the right direction.  For more information about how to chose a nursing home check out the PKS nursing home abuse website.


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