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What To Say When The Worst Happens. May 28, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.
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Memorial Day just passed.  We are officially enjoying “summer.”   If you are like me you are probably going north to enjoy Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

So, what happens when you are in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and involved in a car accident.  No lighting, few signs, miles from the nearest house…talk about adding stress to a stressful situation. 

Marinette County has some good tips on what to do when you are involved in a car accident in rural Wisconsin. 

For example, give the 911 operator the name of the road you are on and in which direction you were traveling.  Don’t remember this?  Give the operator the last town you drove by. 

In short, no one ever expects an accident to happen.  Drive defensively and pay attention to your surroundings.  The easier it is for the police and first responders to find you the better.


Jon Groth is a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney handling cases throughout Wisconsin and most recently in, Wauwatosa, Kenosha, Marinette and Janesville.


1. HarleyKing - September 26, 2008

Car accidents can be avoided if we are sure that our cars are safe to use. New and used cars should be maintained well so that it can preserve its great performance and also prevent us in bringing them to repair shop.

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