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Pit Bulls: Man’s Best Friend? Probably Not. April 28, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in FAQ Personal Injury.
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Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers or just plain Pits.  Whatever they are called most often it is preceded by “I just got bit by a…”  At least that is how most dog bite phone calls to my office begin. 

Recently I have had a great number of phone calls from victims of Dog Bites in Wisconsin.  Pit Bull bites to be exact.  Don’t get me wrong, I have handled cases where Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labs and other dogs bite.   But, the breed of dog that has bit my clients the most is probably Pits or Pit mixes. 

So, when I read the article this morning about the Village of Arpin (Wood County, Wisconsin) banning Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes I was not surprised. 

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this.  It’s our government at work  (i.e. Federalism).  Local governments doing what they think is right for their community.  Arpin can’t ban Pit Bulls in Waukesha.  And Waukesha can’t ban German Shepherds in Arpin.  But, Arpin certainly can protect its citizens from what they see as a dangerous animal.

After listening to the calls I’ve recently heard about Pit Bull dog bites I’d probably feel a little safer vacationing in Wood County this summer.


Jon Groth is a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney handling cases throughout Wisconsin and most recently in Muskego, De Pere, Oconomowoc and Portage.


1. Sandra Shunk - October 30, 2008

This makes me sick!! Pitbulls are a very loving and caring breed of dogs, just like any other type of dog. It is the sick individual that beats and kicks them for no reason that makes one of these dogs turn vicious. I have two of these dogs in my family and they are wonderful. Don’t ban the breed, make someone wanting to get one of these dogs go to classes and get a license for owning one. I have a 5 yr. old grandson who says his pitbull is his brother. They are very caring and loving dogs to the end. More people need to adopt one and I bet that they would change their mind quickly! I think that people hear these terrible stories and think that these dogs are monsters, when they have just been raised the wrong way. The owners are to blame!! Look at the Michael Vick dogs, these dogs that were saved are doing very well with loving foster families. I can’t believe that he only got the time in prison for this terrible crime. Why can’t people see that it is the human doing this, not these dogs. I can bet you that these dogs would much rather have a warm and loving home than to fight and possible die or get ripped apart. What are people thinking?!

2. Brenda - August 10, 2009

My son has a red nosed pit bull who has become the love of our family. Ruby is gentle and is the most obedient and loving dog that has ever been in our family. My husband and I were skeptical about pitbulls until we met Ruby. She is happy go luck, laid back and excellent with children and other dogs however, when a dog came from out of no where and bit her, she defended herself, he ran off and she went right back to her walking with our son. I do believe any dog that is treated well will not have behavior problems. I would personally get a pitbull without hesitation if I could find one with the character of our Ruby. Pits are small enough for indoor pets, have very low to no dander and their hair is so short that shedding is not an issue. I like for my house to be spotless and Ruby has NEVER harmed anything. Pits are yes extremely strong dogs but when treated right I think they are an excellent choice for a pet!

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