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Protecting Children April 2, 2008

Posted by Attorney Jonathan Groth in Personal Groth.
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The Groth family recently had a scare.  James the “splendid red engine” was sick.  Turns out he had lead poisoning and we had to send him to the “hospital” to get checked out.  My son was upset.  Very upset.  He loves his trains and he really loves James the Train (it has a button you can push to make him whistle and “peep”).This story is probably not news to anyone with small kids.  There have been problems with lead paint on childrens’ toys and chemicals in toothpaste.   The news has mostly been about Chinese manufacturers.  But, thanks to the Journal Sentinel we now know that our very own EPA has been passing the buck: 

Journal Sentinel Investigation Into EPA

Investigation shows EPA is no longer doing it’s job to protect childrenA Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation into the EPA has led to an alarming discovery. According to the investigation, the EPA no longer evaluates the chemical compounds found in products designed for children, instead relying upon the companies who manufacture the chemicals to provide information about their products’ potential dangers. Click here for the full story…

Like Thomas the Tank Engine says “safety is our first concern.”  As a personal injury attorney I have a lower threshold for harmful things.  Thankfully we have private organizations and some responsible watchdog groups to help parents look out for the safety of their kids.


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