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Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference October 28, 2009

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I’m going to be out of the office the next few days.  I’ll be attending the Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference in the Wisconsin Dells.  The conference is held at the Kalahari Resort.  I hope to see you there.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Wisconsin Chantix Attorneys October 26, 2009

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Luckily, I’ve never been a smoker.  So, I’ve not had to take any medication to help stop the cravings. 

I just read about Chantix and its terrible side effects.  According to the FDA in the fourth quarter of 2007 complaints regarding Chantix were more numerous than any other drug.  It is related to about 988 serious injuries.

Chantix is a drug marketed by Pfizer to help stop the addictive cravings of smoking.  It has some minor side effects and some very serious side effects.  If you have suffered some serious side effects please contact me.

Some of the serious side effects of Chantix include:

  • depression, including suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • aggressive behavior
  • hepatitis
  • liver failure
  • severe allergic reactions and SJS
  • Heparin Allergic Reaction October 22, 2009

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    If you were administered Heparin between November 2007 and February 2008, suffered a severe allergic reaction and live in Wisconsin it is important that you figure out your legal rights. 

    Some of the severe reactions to Heparin are difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and rapidly falling blood pressure. 

    It 2008 the FDA admitted that they violated their own policies regarding inspecting the production plant when they allowed the imported raw heparin from China.

    If you suffered a severe allergic reaction to Heparin contact me here.

    Jury Trials – The Importance of Facts September 29, 2009

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    If you don’t read Anne Reed’s blog then you’ve been missing out on a ton of great tips and news related to jury trials.  It’s on my IGoogle page and I anxiously await every post.

    Anne’s latest post is about a personal injury trial from California.   In short, you can argue with emotion, logic or both but many times the facts themselves are the most powerful.

    Anne will be speaking at this year’s Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference.   Don’t forget to register asap.

    Federal Court PACER Fees September 15, 2009

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    For those who have handled cases in Federal Court you know that PACER costs $.  Maybe, rightfully so, because you can obtain records in pdf for most any case.  In Wisconsin state court, CCAP (Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program) is free but without the ability to obtain actual records.  You’ll need to call the attorneys or driver to the courthouse to get the records.

    Well, Firefox has a new extension called RECAP that attempts to take the $ from the Federal Courts.  I read about RECAP on Avvo.com’s blog

    I haven’t tried it.  If you do, please let me know your thoughts.

    Truckin’ September 10, 2009

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    I’m glad I didn’t travel very far this past Labor Day.  We travelled “up north” to Marinette County.  A beautiful part of Wisconsin.  

    Anyway, I read this news brief from the AAJ’s website about various safety violations involving over the road truckers (semi trucks, tractor trailers etc.) .

    It appears that Wisconsin has a rate of trucker safety violations that are in excess of the national average.  The article states:

    States that had a rate of companies in violation of safety requirements above the national average include West Virginia, North Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, Iowa, Montana, Delaware, Idaho, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Indiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.  A full listing of all companies in violation of federal safety requirements by state is available at www.justice.org/trucksafetyviolations.

    I hope everyone had a safe Labor Day weekend.   Keep driving safe!

    Largest “Soft Tissue” Auto Accident Verdict in Sheboygan August 28, 2009

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    That’s according to the presiding Sheboygan Judge’s memory from his 20 years on the bench.  The Jury came back with this verdict in my trial yesterday afternoon.  The trial against State Farm lasted about 3 days.

    Before trial (this is a topic for another post) and when I returned to the office we did a few searches on Verdict Reporting companies.  From what we can find there were no soft tissue verdicts in reach. 

    Now that the trial is over I’ll have more time to post and get back to my ‘old’ self.

    Watch for more posts soon.

    Rotator Cuff Injury June 18, 2009

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    “Rotator Cuff Injury”

    I think this is a phrase that is pretty widely used.  We often hear  announcers talk about a rotator cuff injury during a football game.  It’s pretty common.  But, this phrase is so widely used that it may not be completely understood.  Everyone assumes that everyone else knows what it means.

    Well, the Doe Report has some medical illustrations of  a shoulder and rotator cuff.  Take the opportunity to look it over.   It is pretty interesting stuff.

    Personal injury attorneys use these types of illustrations often to help teach juries about the objective findings of injury.  People can talk and talk but looking at picture often makes the information sink in.

    Who To Sue? June 16, 2009

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    After reading this post I was reminded of a basic tenant in trial law.  Know who you are going to sue.

    A big mistake made by some pro se litigants is either serving the wrong party or serving the “right” entity but the wrong person.

    For example, lets say you are going to sue BobJon, Inc.  Their registered agent is Tim Bob whose office is at their plant in Marinette, Wisconsin.  You hire a process server who takes an authenticated Summons and Complaint (make sure they serve an authenticated copy) to the plant and serves Scott Tim in processing.

    Well, you served an employee at the plant right?  The registered agent has an office at that plant according to records you found using Wisconsin’s CRIS website.

    This service may not be enough to obtain jurisdiction against the defendant.  Section 801.11 Wisconsin Statutes sets the standard for service of process.

    The statutes say that if you can’t serve Tim Bob then you can serve someone “apparently in charge of the office.”  Is Scott Tim in charge of the office?  He’s in “processing.”

    “Apparently in charge of the office” in sub. (5) (a) refers to what is apparent to the process server. When a receptionist referred the process server to her superior, who did not send the server to the proper office, the server could serve the superior, particularly since the superior had accepted service of process in other actions without objection by the company.  Keske v. Square D Co. 58 Wis. 2d 307, 206 N.W.2d 189 (1973).

    Catch my drift.  This issue is often litigated because if the letter of the law is not met the defendant has a chance of escaping liability (if the statute of limitations has run) and dismissing the suit (and costing the plaintiff additional expenses and time).

    Be weary of who you sue.  Cross your T’s and dot your I’s before you send the Summons and Complaint out for service. And always use a reputable process server!

    Jon Groth is a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney handling cases throughout Wisconsin and most recently in West AllisSheboygan,  Plymouth,  and Germantown.

    If you’d like to submit a question or case please complete a case submission form.

    Eyes ON The Road And OFF The Phone June 11, 2009

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    A good friend in Illinois just blogged about the American Medical Association’s push to get states to pass driver cell phone use laws.

    Reporters also learned the new AMA policy encourages physicians to educate patients on the public health risks associated with driving while distracted with text messages and cell phones. The AMA is supporting any state legislature enacting laws to eliminate the use of text messaging by motorists while driving.

    Included in this post is some shocking information.

    The AMA sites a recent study reflects text messaging while driving causes a 400% increase time spent with eyes off the road. American drivers and passengers should not have to be concerned that other drivers are focused on texting instead of traffic.

    It makes sense.  When your eyes are on your cell phone and you are concentrating on hitting the right button they can’t concentrate on traffic.